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INTERNATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL QUALITY provides in-depth coverage of emerging drug, biologic and combination product CMC and GMP issues and developments, with a mission of helping advance and harmonize the quality regulatory process globally. Headquartered in Washington, IPQ is read by regulatory agencies and organizations, suppliers, consultants, law firms, and universities around the world.

IPQ tracks the industry/regulator dialogue at key international forums along with the developments, initiatives, regulations, guidances and standards in the quality regulatory arena to create a uniquely valuable resource for the intelligence gathering, knowledge management, and external communication needs of the pharmaceutical community.

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The News in Depth

FDA’s Focus Has Sharpened on Water Systems in the Wake of Nonsterile Product Microbial Contamination

FDA has been sharpening its focus on water systems during inspections of nonsterile liquid products as microbial contamination problems of significance in these products continue to surface.

March 11 2019 / Read More

IPQ Monthly Update – January 2019 in Review

The January 2019 issue explores: ● the mission, process, and rapidly expanding project portfolio of the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL) ● the significant efforts of the Gates Foundation, and its newly formed, biotech product-oriented Gates Medical Research Institute, to support CMC innovation that will increase developing world medicines access ● the issues that pharmacopoeial and registration divergences create globally, and the pathways for addressing them, and ● what it takes for biotech companies to avoid GMP compliance problems that can jeopardize application approvals and create manufacturing pitfalls.

February 28 2019 / Read More

Pharmacopoeia/Industry/Agency Global Dialogue on Compendial Compliance and Harmonization Continues, with Medicine Availability at Stake

Industry, regulatory authorities and pharmacopoeias continue to explore ways to address the difficult challenges of complying with and harmonizing compendial and regulatory requirements in the effort to ensure and enhance the availability of medicines around the world.

February 15 2019 / Read More

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IPQ takes its readers from:

● the headlines to the forces driving them

● regulations and policies to their underlying intent

● the pieces of the puzzle to their interconnection

● requirements to implementation pathways

● random data to critical trends

● the sidelines to helping shape the outcome

● compliance problems to proactive quality tools

● information to intelligence


Bill Paulson:
IPQ Editor-in-Chief

Paulson_picBefore launching IPQ in 2007, Bill served for over two decades as the primary author of “The Gold Sheet." During his career, Bill’s reporting and analysis has supported the global regulatory dialogue on advancing and harmonizing CMC and GMP processes for drugs and biologics to keep pace with the evolving technology.


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