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Novartis Exploring Boundaries of Biotech Manufacturing and Control to Make Cell and Gene Therapy Commercialization a Reality

Mar 29th, 2015

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Novartis is among the major global pharmaceutical companies that are taking a hard look at how the advancements in biotech manufacturing and control technology and systems can be adapted to help make cell and gene therapy (CGT) commercialization a reality.

Novartis’ commitment to making “the next transformative pillar of medicine” commercially viable was forcefully articulated by its CGT technical operations leader Jeff Boyd in his presentation at the opening session of the PDA annual meeting in Las Vegas Nevada in March.

A focal point of that commitment is the partnership Novartis has developed with the University of Pennsylvania to commercialize U-Penn’s research in the use of chimeric antigen receptor T (CART) cells to treat chronic and acute lymphoid leukemia (CLL/ALL).

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