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FDA and EU Inspectors Draw Insight at Contract Manufacturers Into GMP Enforcement/Drug Shortage Crosscurrents

U.S. and European health agency inspectors are gaining more insights during their inspections of contract manufacturers into the complexities of balancing GMP enforcement with drug shortage prevention....

Incomplete NDA/ANDA Cover Letters Are Causing FDA to Delay Preapproval Inspections

Incomplete or inaccurate facility information on NDA/ANDA form 356h cover letters are causing decisions on conducting preapproval inspections (PAIs) to be delayed or tabled, FDA field managers are reporting.

FDA Preapproval Inspections Enhanced by New Guidance, Reviewer Participation

Increased reviewer engagement with investigators is impacting the preapproval inspection (PAI) process and helping FDA address the growing complexity of products and processes it faces in reviewing new drug applications (NDAs) and their supplements (sNDAs)....

Facility Listing Errors and Missing Development Data Draw Withhold Recommendations From FDA’s NJ District

Facility listing errors on the application and a lack of availability of development data source documents during pre-approval inspections are causing the New Jersey District to recommend withholding drug approvals, its investigations branch director Myriam Sosa told DIA’s June Annual Meeting....

FDA Adjusts Its Pre-approval Inspection Guide To Reflect ICH Q8-10 Paradigm

FDA has updated its pre-approval inspection (PAI) compliance program guidance (CPG 7346.832) to better reflect the agency’s 21st century quality initiative and the new ICH Q8-10/QbD regulatory paradigm….

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