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The Most-Read IPQ Stories of 2015

As a retrospective on 2015, IPQ is providing the two stories that generated the largest readership during the year (available in full to non-subscribers as well as subscribers).

The Most-Read IPQ Stories of 2014

As a retrospective on 2014, IPQ is providing the two stories that generated the largest readership during the year (available in full to non-subscribers as well as subscribers).  

The Most-Read IPQ Stories of 2013

As a retrospective on the past year, IPQ is providing a compilation of the four stories that generated the largest readership. [Available in full to non-subscribers as well as subscribers.]


CASSS CMC Strategy Forum Japan の参加者の皆様方に IPQ のレポートの価値をさらにご理解 いただくために、 最近の月例アップデートの中から1つ記事を抜粋し、日本語に翻訳して紹介させていただきます。また、どのような 範囲の話題を月例アップデートに取り上げているのかをご理解いただけるように、日本語に翻訳した第1面の目次 も一緒に送信しました。この記事の日本語PDF版については次のウェブサイトをご覧ください:

IPQ Top Ten Stories for 2012

To kick off the New Year, IPQ is providing a compilation of the ten stories that generated the largest readership in 2012.

IPQ Monthly Update — November 2012

Due to the critical nature of the compounding crisis and to help facilitate the dialogue around how such tragedies can be prevented in the future, IPQ is making this report publicly available beyond its subscription/licensee base....

IPQ Special Report — May 2010

THE QUALITY REGULATORY INITIATIVES UNDERWAY AS THE NEW DECADE BEGINS show the strong imprint of ICH Q8-10 at both the agency and international levels. From CMC application review to GMP inspections, from development to post-market manufacturing, from the ingredient supply chain through product distribution, the quality-by-design, risk management and quality system principles built into the […]

IPQ Special Report — July/August 2009

THE PROCESS VALIDATION PARADIGM IS CHANGING and the implications for the way manufacturers control their process and regulators inspect them is being assessed. An FDA draft guideline has made clear that validation is a journey that extends across the process lifecycle from design to qualification to continued verification. Regulators will be expecting a more coherent and transparent approach to assuring process and product performance and managing the relevant knowledge.

IPQ Special Report — May/June 2009

ANALYSIS OF FDA AND EU GMP ENFORCEMENT ACTIVITY shows inadequate investigation of manufacturing and product nonconformances to be the most pressing concern on both sides of the Atlantic. FDA warning letters and injunctions are frequently linking GMP problems with the manufacturing of products that do not have the required new drug approval or do not […]

IPQ Special Report — March/April 2009

DRUG MANUFACTURERS ARE REASSESSING HOW THEY MANAGE REGULATORY INSPECTIONS as they shift focus onto the challenge of conveying the strength of their quality systems to find and address problems and risks. The diversity of inspectors and regulatory agencies that manufacturers routinely face also is prompting them to clarify and refine their approach to managing inspections. […]
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