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IPQ’s 2010-2021 Stories on PAC/QRM/KM Regulatory Dialogue

The following is a chronological listing of IPQ stories since 2010 that have covered the pressing issues around post-approval changes and what is needed in conjunction with advancements in risk and knowledge management to make quality regulatory processes across the product lifecycle more cohesive, efficient, process improvement and supply friendly, and internationally harmonized. 2010 ● […]

Stronger Unapproved Stem-Cell Enforcement Accompanies FDA Center for Biologics’ Cell and Gene Therapy Advancement Efforts

Over the last few years, FDA has ramped up its efforts to protect the public from unapproved and potentially dangerous stem cell products, while striving to create a regulatory framework and approach that is as supportive as possible for the advancement of the entire cell and gene therapy (CGT) field.

IPQ Monthly Update – June 2020 in Review

In this issue, IPQ explores the dialogue on how the CMC/quality regulatory expectations, guidance and standards can keep pace with and best support the expanding therapeutic potential of peptides and oligonucleotides. The second story focuses on the discussion at USP’s five-year meeting in May by its leadership of the key challenges that the world faces in assuring the supply of quality medicines and the role that USP can play in addressing the challenges through its standards setting, advocacy, and capability building efforts.

IPQ Monthly Update – January/February 2020 in Review

In this issue, IPQ explores the need for excipients that are fit-for-purpose in meeting the complex challenges of formulating, manufacturing, and delivering the new generation of medicines and making them as safe, efficacious, and patient- and distribution-friendly as possible. The five parts of the story focus on: ● a novel excipient review proposal from FDA and stakeholder comments ● industry thought leaders on the novel excipient drivers ● the issues involving subcutaneous biotherapeutics, pediatrics, and delayed release ● USP initiatives supporting novel excipient development, and ● assessing and managing excipient risks.


USP Views Early Broad Stakeholder Engagement as Essential in Developing Performance-Based Standards for Biologics

The U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) views expanded early engagement with key stakeholders through workshops, roundtable meetings/studies, and Pharmacopeial Forum (PF) Stimuli articles as an essential component in advancing performance-based standards for biologic products.

IPQ Monthly Update – August 2019 in Review

CBER and CDER Directors Offer Insights on Overcoming Hurdles to Biomanufacturing Innovation at NIIMBL Annual Meeting

Among the ways that public/private collaborations could play a critical role in advancing cell and gene therapy (CGT) manufacturing would be helping create a non-proprietary set of adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors, CBER Director Peter Marks proposed at the third annual meeting of the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL), held in Crystal City, […]

EMA’s Draft Guideline on Drug-Device Combinations Sheds Needed Light on Expectations for Device Assessment

EMA’s draft guideline on quality requirements for drug-device combination (DDC) products provides a template for the new concept of the notified body opinion (NBOp), intended to help ensure a consistent interpretation by individual assessors, notified bodies, and industry.

Refined Training, Project Selection, and Membership Processes Strengthen ICH’s Global Harmonization Efforts

Refined processes for training, project selection and membership are strengthening ICH’s ability to realize in practice the global harmonization objectives of its guideline development efforts, ICH leaders are affirming.
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