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Advertising Opportunities and Sponsorships

Individual Advertisements:

IPQ has limited space for advertisements in each “Monthly Update” issue.  Ads must pertain to the pharmaceutical industry, and be of interest to our readers.  Ads must be approved by IPQ staff for inclusion, and are sold on a first-come first-served basis.  The cost for a one-page ad in one issue is $2000.  Discounts are available for multiple ads.


IPQ represents a unique opportunity for sponsors to showcase their expertise in the areas IPQ focuses on.  We seek to develop promotional opportunities with companies that can most benefit from the value of these promotions, and we can alert sponsors to upcoming content so that the promotions can be targeted accordingly.

IPQ sponsors receive:

  • ● ad space in each monthly issue — one page in length
  • ● a logo banner on each page of the IPQ website that links to the sponsor’s website, and
  • ● a discount on a company-wide access license.

A limited number of sponsorships are available.   A sponsorship not including the access license is $12,000 annually.

For more information, please contact Wayne Rhodes, [email protected], (202) 841-9470.

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